The New Nethirian Empire

May 1623
The Story So Far....
Act I

Winterhaven is worried about kobold and hires outsiders to help.

May the 2nd of the Year 823 AF (After the Fall of the old empire)


  • Awaken May 20th of the year 1623 AF
  • Enter Winterhaven May 21st 1623
  • Contacted by the Wintersavyn Imperial Ward Jeryn to investigate the disappearances of young women and the behavior of the Imperial Magistrate. May 22nd 1623
  • Gather information about the girls and Imperial Magistrate Lethain May 22 through May 24th 1623
  • Search the abandoned mines for evidence and find animated corpses of the victims May 25th 1623
  • Party is split when cave collapses and new colleagues are acquired. The journey out of the mines ends at Crackling Falls. May 25th through 27th 1623
  • The Magistrates cabin at Crackling Falls is overrun by demons who seem to be housing there. Evidence is found that the separated party members had come through there and where taken away. May 27th 1623
  • Return to Wintersavyn to find invitations to the Magistrates Keep for dinner also the inn keep wants them to meet with his “Brother” in the town of Barthos at the Mares Inn. May 27th 1623
  • The dinner party does not go well as Imperial Magistrate Lathain turns out to be a demon and attacks. It turns out his elf servant was the real master and allowed the beast Lathain to satisfy his indulgences on young women. May 27th 1623
  • After defeating the monstrous magistrate the Imperial Ward Jeryn issues papers to all including a familial history with ties to Wintersavyn. May 29th 1623

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