Loren Speltar


Loren: year 877 During the present, Loren was traveling to check out a quarry to the east, when he met up with some humans travelling the same direction. Later that day, he wakes up in Shadowkeep and is shanghaiied into our party.

Loren: year 1676 The lands are prosperous under a Roman-styled Empire & have been so for about 600 years. Long live (all Emperors live 135 years exactly) the present Emperor Gyus Nethirian! The Party wakes up after thier 800-year doze on the southern fringes of the empire, where monsters still exist in the foothills. The Slave Trade is a bounty-hunter’s job, and also a way for smaller towns & villages to pay their high taxes, usually by a lottery-system. Anyone can buy their freedom (except the Dragonborn), but not all can become Citizens. The Dragonborn were held responsible for a plague (400 years ago), that almost destroyed civilization & did destroy the Deva, and are forevermore a Slave Race.

Adventurers are unheard of, since the entire empire is protected by The Army which controls a strong infostructure of paved roads & bridges. Militia are based in every town, with a town Magistrate, town Sheriff and a regional Proctor (Military Governor). Because of these, identification papers for Citizens & Non-Citizens are incredibly important. There is only one language in the Empire: Common.

Magic use is strictly controlled by the government through schools & certification. For Loren: There are Speltares living in Fallcrest – maybe his daughter’s grandchildren or great-grandchildren? His home in now Winter Savin has an old tower with a crazy old man rumoured inside.

Journal: Evil Magistrate/demon controlled by elf servant (?lady’s man?). Magistrate loves to hunt, but never catches anything. Throws servants to the hounds. Does not visit the brothel. Evil & cruel. Not human. Girls’ bodies torn apart w tooth-marks. Eviscerated, possible terrible birthings. Demons abound as melee partners.

Loren Speltar

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