Major Silas “Starbolt” of Thestral


A man of above average height and deceptive strength, Silas still wears the blue and tan reinforced leather uniform of Thesral’s archers though he has not served in their military for more than two years. His hair is deep black with no highlights and his eyes are a striking blue. He is slender and wiry and people are often surprised when he draws back his massive greatbow or pulls the huge greataxe off his back.

Though essentially a good person who tries to make the best of most situations, Silas was shaped by six years of war with an implacable foe. He is strangely humble but, when he is in the heat of battle, quite bloodthirsty. Intensely charismatic, his men followed his example and every member of the Starbolt Archers would speak of “we” and “us” rather than “I” or “me” in most social situations. Silas continues this habit. He never boasts and is rarely the one to start conflict (he quite hates it) but if forced to it, he strikes hard and with the intent of ensuring that the aggressor can never act against him again.

Silas marks the most powerful foe slain by his archers with an array of arrows from the battle. At the heart is one of his large greatbow arrows and radiating out from that would be an arrangement of smaller arrows in a bloody star. This habit earned him the moniker “Starbolt” from his enemies and is the origin of his unit’s name.


Thestral, a minor principality a few days west of Winterhaven, has been under siege by hobgoblin forces almost continuously since the fall of Nerath. At the heart of Thestral is a city-state of the same name on the shores of a large lake and a scattered array of villages support it. Silas was born the first of identical twins on a boat sailing upon Lake Thestral. Though it was high summer when the boys were born, a flurry of snow swept along the lake toward the boat and the rigging froze in the wind. Certain that the ill luck of a woman on board had been compounded by the birth of twins, the sailors threw the younger child overboard and did not permit the midwife to attend to Silas’ mother. When Silas and the midwife arrived back at their village, his father found himself a widower and bereft of one of his sons. Little did any of them know that a water fey had come to investigate the strange weather and rescued the newborn. He lives to this day though none of his family knows it.

Silas’ father left his care and raising to his eldest son, Seth, while he wasted his comfortable earnings on drink until finally dying in a gutter when Silas was two. Seth scraped by for the family taking work as a fisherman and leaving the three children alone for days at a time. When he was four, Silas was lost in the nearby woods for three days. Hungry but determined to find his way home, he was rescued by an eladrin noble who was so impressed with the boy’s tenacity that he blessed him with the gift of a silver tongue.

A year later, Silas found his grandfathers dragon-horn bow while rummaging through old trunks. He hides it from his siblings and eventually takes it with him when he joins the military. At nine years old, Silas begins to help an old dowager named Audrina with household chores. In part thanks to his blessed charisma, they become dear friends and she eventually sponsors him to a commission in the Thestral military. A few months before joining the Thestral archers, Silas met Ellana, a seeker traveling with an adventuring group. They become good friends and he is dazzled by her stories of daring and danger. They stayed in touch when he takes his post. Silas’ military career was decorated and eventful. His archers served border duty and periodically were called back for city defense during times of escalated conflict. While most sorties proved victorious for Thestral’s military, the goblins bred far faster than the civilized folk and there were always more warriors to take the place of the fallen. His exploits led to his advancement to rank of Major and many commendations for valor.

Eventually, Thestral decided to launch an offensive against the heart of the goblin horde at Bladehollow. They hired the Ellana’s adventuring troupe to work with a special strike force led by Silas. The team was successful: They destroyed the heart of the goblin threat but the memory of burning and cutting down goblin women and children has never Silas’ mind.

Following the end of the Hobgoblin Scourge, Silas retired his post and left with Ellana’s troupe. For nearly two years they traveled together as companions and lovers. Over time, however, pride, competition, and the tensions of the shared memory of the slaughter at Bladehollow drove a wedge between them. The pair separated as bitter rivals. Silas journeyed east to Winterhaven and then on to Fallcrest looking for new challenges.

Major Silas “Starbolt” of Thestral

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