Kurz Gro-Kash


Ald-Ruhn. A small farming village of around fifty people, this settlement’s quaint lifestyle served the locals well for over a hundred years. Living so close to the woods, the races (mostly Humans and Elves) spent the time necessary to develop stable relations with the Orc Tribe of Kash. Before too long, some of the Orcs even began living in the town, and one of these was Kurz’s father. He lived happily for some time, until a few weeks before his thirteenth birthday, a platoon of twenty soldiers came by, demanding half the village’s resources. Knowing this would damn them for the approaching winter, the villagers refused. Rather than hearing them out or bartering, the commander of the platoon, a Dwarf by the name of Thoradin, ordered the village burned and the residents killed. It took no time for the command to be carried out, and in the process, Kurz took an arrow to one eye. Fortunately, this spared him, as the soldiers left him alone, assuming him dead.

Days passed before the Half-Orc awoke. He did his best to mend his wound, but found he was the only survivor. Figuring they at least had food, Kurz followed the tracks of the soldiers. This is how it went for the next several seasons. As the group moved on, they would leave scraps of food, garments, and supplies in their wake. On these Kurz made his living. This life taught him the value of stealth, perception, and thievery. As Kurz increasingly bold, he ceased waiting for so many days for food, sneaking into the camp and seeing to his needs. Watching the soldiers drill for hours on end, Kurz would practice the same, and this is how he learned the art of combat. Of course, only broken daggers and similar waste was ever left behind, so the rogue-in-training favored the most disposable of blades out of necessity.

After months of planning, Kurz managed to slip in to the platoon encampment in the dead of night. Knowing too well the shift rotations, patrol routes, and training of the group, he managed to kill almost the entire group. To this day, most of his most valuable items come from this night. His final target in mind, he quietly made his way to Commander Thoradin’s tent. Just as we was about to plunge his blade into the Dwarf’s throat, the soldier awoke. In the ensuing battle, Kurz realized he has severely underestimated the Dwarf’s skill. In the process of escaping, the Rogue was burned by a bolt of acid, and even today his left hand has not healed from shielding his face from the blast. The young Half-Orc ran as fast as he could into the nearby woods, and a few weeks later, dying of starvation and thirst, he stumbled into Winterhaven. A Half-Orc by the name of Grognak nursed him back to health, and in the ensuing years employed him (for obvious reasons) as a bouncer in his Tavern, and necessary, a debt collector. Kurz’s impartiality toward his target was as much a boon as his size and demeanor.

Just a week ago, Grognak was forced to sell his tavern to get out of debt. As such, Kurz lost his job, and has been mostly drinking since then, uncertain where life should take him next.

Kurz Gro-Kash

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