History of the Empire

Yul Satian is remembered as the grandfather of the New Empire whose reign was 877 years ago. His decendants are as follows;

• Yul Satian – Became king at 11 and ruled his kingdom until the age of 72. During this reign he expanded his kingdom three fold creating several fifdoms. He is remembered as a hero to the people of the empire and his birth is celebrated every year on King’s Day.

• Galen Satian – Son of the famous Yul became king at the age of 38 and ruled for 26 years. Know to history as The General he spent his entire life at war and was the first to make slavery legal. He successfully expanded the kingdom of Nethir from a handful of fiefdoms to what became the original ten states of the New Nethirian Empire. The holiday known as Victory’s March is in honor of him.

• Yillam Satian – He took his fathers work and developed the Nethirian Empire further expanding, enslaving, and structuring. Ruling from the young age of 22 he lived long and fathered many. His rule is remembered as The Great Peace in which he stopped warring and spent fifty years developing the many states of his fledgling empire. He died at 88 having given the empire stability that continues to this day. Yil Festival has been celebrated since.

• Satian Rhel – Took her fathers name and ruled from the age of 32 until dying in child birth at 55. The child that came from her death she had named Ilthean.

• Rhel Ilthean – Will ever be the single greatest emperor the empire has ever known. He spent his entire life balancing war and growth in near perfect harmony. It is said he was blessed by the Gods and that Empress Satian was visited by Boccob himself and made pregnant by him. This is why he lived until 134 years of age dying on the battlefield by the hand of Gurgall the Wild.

• Ilthean – Every descendent of Rhel has been long lived, each has lived 134 years and each has died in battle in their last year. The Ilthean family has been raised to God Emperor/Empress status by the peoples they rule. Only a small contingency of the populous worships the emperor, their cult is called Satainus.

• Four more descendants since then have ruled, Ilthean Ramial, Ramial Satian, Satian Gaius, and now Gaius Ilthean.

The New Nethirian Empire